The world around us has changed dramatically, due to the rapid development of new technologies, such as the Internet. In the past, the medical knowledge was confined to the community of medical professionals and scientists and only small portions of that knowledge were revealed to patients during their visits to doctors. In today’s world, that has changed and everyone has an immediate and unlimited access to all kinds of information about diseases, symptoms, treatment methods, tests and interpretation of their results. Unfortunately, some parts of the widely available information is incomplete, too general or simply incorrect. Some facts become irrelevant in the light of the most recent scientific research, because medicine is a field of knowledge that changes very dynamically.

Very often, when I watch my friends raising their children, or when I talk to my young patients and their parents, I come to the conclusion that health-related issues are very often underestimated and there is a lot of misconceptions around them. There are many reasons behind this, such as Insufficient medical awareness or lack of time among parents — people are too busy to think about their health in their daily lives and tend to disregard certain symptoms. Parents also may not have the possibility or desire to learn about basic health-related guidelines or they may have poor contact with their children. However, there are exceptions and I also meet some parents who have great awareness of their health, which also reflects on their children’s approach.

This blog was created for people who look for a reliable source of information or want to raise their level of knowledge and awareness of issues related to health and pediatrics. I will try to provide my readers with medical knowledge, which is often only available to doctors, and ensure that parents have a better understanding of how to take care of their children when they are healthy or what to do when they are sick. I also want to give some advice about practical aspects of child care, answer questions that my readers may have and address their concerns. All information on this blog is grounded in the latest knowledge in the field of pediatrics, backed with the most recent scientific research and compliant with the recommendations of Polish and international health organizations.

In the end, I would like to stress that all information that can be found on the Internet, including my blog, or coming from books, magazines or other people, should not be treated as a substitution of a consultation with a medical practitioner, who very often has a detailed specialist knowledge and much wider perspective on health-related issues. It is also important to keep in mind, that the worst possible solution is ignoring the symptoms or trying to perform any form of self-administered treatment or self-medication, as I very often hear: “because I have some medicines left after my elder child, and now my younger has exactly the same symptoms”. This approach can have very dangerous consequences. It is important to remember that children are our future and we should do our best to give them the best care possible.